Introduction and History


Periodontology is a field of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the clinical and microscopic structures of the hard and soft tissues surrounding the teeth. Treatment of gum diseases, regenerative surgeries, dental implants are performed. In addition to these, laboratory studies are carried out with a multidisciplinary approach. Department of Periodontology is located in the building of Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry since 1956.Initially, it was operating under the name of Dental Diseases and Treatment Chair Periodontology Service.In 1975, it was named as Periodontology Chair. In 1981 when Higher Education Act came into force, it was renamed as Department of Periodontology.


Head of the Department (in chronological order):


Prof.Dr. Peker Sandallı 1975-1982, 1986-1990

Prof.Dr. Özen Tuncer 1982-1984, 1984-1986, 1990-2005

Prof.Dr. Utku Onan 1984

Prof.Dr.Ahmet Efeoğlu 2005-2007

Prof.Dr. Özen Tuncer 2007-2010

Prof.Dr. Erhan Fıratlı 2010-2013

Prof.Dr. Serdar Çintan 2013 –


Professors who contributed to the Department of Periodontology:


Prof.Dr. Peker Sandallı

Prof.Dr. Özen Tuncer

Prof.Dr.Selçuk Yılmaz

Prof.Dr. Utku Onan

Prof.Dr. Hasan Meriç

Prof.Dr. Ahmet Efeoğlu

Prof.Dr. Aslan Gökbuket

Prof.Dr. Serdar Mutlu

Prof.Dr. Gülden Işık

Prof.Dr. Serdar Çintan

Prof.Dr. Erhan Fıratlı

Prof.Dr. Korkud Demirel

Prof.Dr. Funda Yalçın


Services Provided:


Patients who apply to Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry are first examined by the physicians of the Department of Radiology and Oral Diagnosis. Patients who are diagnosed with gum diseases or who have complaints about gums are referred to diagnosis section of Periodontology Department. Physicians serving in this section categorize the patients according to their disease severity.·        Patients who only need scaling, polishing and oral hygiene education are directed to Students’ Clinic. ·        Patients who exhibit severe periodontal diseases or need advanced surgical intervention are directed to Professors’ Clinic (Blue Clinic). Required surgical procedures are performed by professors or assistant physicians supervised by their professors. Patients who are found to be in need of immediate periodontal treatment, disabled and/or systemically compromised patients  are directed to the clinic where assistant physicians perform their treatments.  Services Provided in the Students’ Clinic Patients who have appointments in the Students’ Clinic are treated by intern physicians in supervision of assistant physicians. Procedures that are performed are scaling, polishing, oral hygiene motivation and root planing.  Services Provided in the Assistant Clinic Each day, 5 assistant physicians work in the Assistant Clinic. Patients who have appointments in the Assistan Clinic are treated here. Procedures that are performed are scaling, polishing, oral hygiene motivation, root planing, splint applications and abscess drainage.  Services Provided in the Professors’ Clinic Patients who have appointments in the Professors’ Clinic are treated by assistant physicians in supervision of professors. Procedures that are performed are frenectomy, flap operations, gingivectomy, free gingival grafts, connective tissue grafts, dental implants, sinus lift operations, guided tissue and bone regenerations.



 The programs in the faculty are undergraduate and graduate programs.


Undergraduate Program:


In the second year students receive pre-clinical education. In the third year they receive theoretical education and observe in the clinics. In the fourth year they receive theoretical education and practice in the clinics. In the fifth year they receive theoretical education and treat more advanced cases.


Graduate Program:


Students who complete the 5-year undergraduate program, and who have the required criteria are accepted to the graduate program. 3-year expertise programs or 4-year doctorate programs are available. In these programs, advanced treatment strategies and surgical procedures are taught. Physicians who graduate from these programs receive the title of Specialist or Doctor.

Academic and Faculty Staff

Prof. Dr. Gülden IŞIK
Prof. Dr. Serdar ÇİNTAN (Head of Department)
Prof. Dr. Erhan FIRATLI
Prof. Dr. Korkud DEMİREL
Prof. Dr. Funda YALÇIN
Assoc. Prof. Ülkü BAŞER
Assoc. Prof. Ali ÇEKİCİ
Assoc. Prof. Duygu YAMAN
Post. Doc. Dr. Emine ÇİFTCİBAŞI
Post. Doc. Dr. Gökhan KASNAK
Post. Doc. Dr. Necla Aslı KOÇAK
Doc. Stu. Şebnem BİLİR
Doc. Stu. Liubov KARAGÜLLE
Doc. Stu. Süheyla KAYA
Doc. Stu. Emrah GENCELİ
Doc. Stu. Volkan KARABEY
Doc. Stu. Gonca DURMAZ
Doc. Stu. Çağdaş Çağlar LAÇİN
Doc. Stu. Fatma ÖNER
Doc. Stu. Ece BARÇA
Doc. Stu. Ozan Burak İSKEFLİ
Doc. Stu. Deniz ERBİL
Doc. Stu. Melis SOYTÜRK
Doc. Stu. Yahya Yiğit BİREN
Doc. Stu. Batuhan Hazar AYŞEŞEK
Doc. Stu. Onur Utku YÜKSEL
Doc. Stu. Yasemin ERSOY
Doc. Stu. Sinan KARGI
Doc. Stu. Canberk ÇELİK
Doc. Stu. Hande SARICA
Doc. Stu. Cem AKMANLAR
Doc. Stu. Fatih CÖMERT
Doc. Stu. Onur ÖZ
Doc. Stu. Merve BİÇER
Doc. Stu. Buse Başak YILMAZ
Doc. Stu. Revan Birke KOCA
Doc. Stu. Özgür ÖZGÜNLER
Doc. Stu. Tülin ÇAKIR
Doc. Stu. Sema ÖZGEN

Sec. Ayşegül GÜRLER
Nurse Sinem ÇELİK
Nurse Esin ÖRNEK
Nurse Yeşim Efe BOZDOĞAN

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