Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry is the field of dental medicine providing primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants, children and adolescence as well as patients with special health care needs.

The Mission
The mission of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Istanbul University is to give pre- and post graduate education on pediatric dentistry in compliance with international standarts; to conduct and publish investigations in related areas; to promote the highest quality of oral health service to infants, children, adolescents, and people with special needs.

The Vision
The vision of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Istanbul University, is to be in top institutions/leaders of education, research, and health services for Pediatric Dentistry era in Turkey and world.

Study and research areas
The theoretical and clinical study and research areas on education and oral health care services for infants/children/teens could be listed as follows:
Growth and development, diagnosis and treatment planning, preventive dentistry, dental injuries and traumas, endodontic and restorative treatment in primary and permanent teeth, preventive and/or interceptive orthodontics, prosthetic dentistry, oral health diseases and epidemiology, dental materials, genetics, craniofacial and dental anomalies, oral pathology, child psychology, patient management, medically compromised children, children with special needs, sedation, general anaesthesia.

Undergraduate Education in Paediatric Dentistry
The aim of the undergraduate education in Paediatric Dentistry is to train dental students to be competent in meeting the most common oral health need of pediatric patients through lectures and clinical applications. Pediatric instruction is offered in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th years of the undergraduate education.
Course Information
Year 3-Pediatric Dentistry
The goal of the 3rd year courses in Pediatric Dentistry is to introduce the student to the basic knowledge for development of dentition and concepts of dental care for the child patient through lectures, pre-clinical workshops and to expose the students to the preventive clinical applications for the pediatric patient. The topics covered in the course include: examination and diagnosis for the pediatric patient, craniofacial abnormalities, development of the dentition, eruption, development of occlusion, child psychology, behavior management in pediatric dentistry, cariology and preventive dentistry, dental materials.

Year 4-Pediatric Dentistry
The goal of the 4th year courses in Pediatric Dentistry is to introduce the student to the treatment of caries and pulp therapy through lectures and clinical applications for the pediatric patient. The topics and clinical activities specifically focus on: pulp therapy and restorative therapy for primary and young permanent teeth, early childhood caries, special health care needs patients, general anesthesia for pediatric patients, local anesthesia and minor oral surgery for the pediatric patient, oral pediatric diseases, acquired and developmental disturbances.

Year 5-Pediatric Dentistry
The goal of the 5th year courses in Pediatric Dentistry is to expose the student to comprehensive knowledge and clinical care of pediatric patients. The main topics covered in the course include: trauma in primary and permanent dentition, periodontal diseases of young patients, sedation, comprehensive restorative and endodontic treatments, prosthetic dentistry, space management, prevention and interception of malocclusion.

Postgraduate Program
PhD program in Paediatric Dentistry
The aim of the Pediatric Dentistry Ph-D program is to educate the post graduate students capable of carrying out scientific investigation in both basic science and clinical aspects of the pediatric dentistry and graduate dentists who are competent in all areas of Paediatric Dentistry. The program is directed by the Institute of Medical Sciences; the duration of the program is eight terms, and an additional maximum period of four terms could be allowed.

The theoretical and clinical training program focuses mainly on the advanced study of basic sciences, growth-development of craniofacial complex, craniofacial anomalies, preventive dentistry, diagnosis and treatment planing, endodontic and restorative treatment, dental traumatology, dental materials used in paediatric dentistry, oral care of children with special needs, general anesthesia, prevention and interception of malocclusion.

For Patients
About the Clinics of Department of Pediatric Dentistry
Primary and comprehensive oral health care are provided to infants, children and teens as well as patients with special health care needs in the Clinics of Department of Pediatric Dentistry.

Services include:
• Preventive measures for caries control; fissure sealants and fluoride applications, caries risk analysis for individuals, diet recommendations, home care.
• Restorative, endodontic and prosthetic treatments for primary and permanent teeth.
• Management of traumatic dental injuries; fractured, displaced, or knocked-out teeth.
• Preventive and interceptive orthodontic treatments; oral habit counseling (pacifier use, thumb sucking..), applications of space maintainers due to early loss of primary teeth.
• Dental care for medically, mentally, physically compromised children and adolescents.
• Behaviour management techniques, sedation, general anaesthesia for the uncooperative children.

Academic and Faculty Staff

Prof. Dr. Figen SEYMEN (Head of Department)

Prof. Dr. Tevfik AKINCI

Prof. Dr. Zeynep AYTEPE

Prof. Dr. Oya AKTÖREN

Prof. Dr. Koray GENÇAY

Prof. Dr. Gamze AREN

Prof. Dr. Elif SEPET

Asst. Prof. Dr. Elif Bahar TUNA İNCE

Asst. Prof. Dr. Arzu PINAR ERDEM

Post. Doc. Dr. Yeliz GÜVEN

Post. Doc. Dr. Mine KORUYUCU

Doc. Stu.  Gülhan KOYUNCUOĞLU

Doc. Stu.  Sıla YARDIMCI


Doc. Stu.  Melis ARAZ TOPUZ

Doc. Stu.  Özge ATİKLER

Doc. Stu.  Yelda KASIMOĞLU

Doc. Stu.  Ceren Güney TOLGAY

Doc. Stu.  Pelin BARLAK KESKİN

Doc. Stu.  Sinem KURU

Doc. Dr. Sermin Dicle ULUĞ

Doc. Stu.  Gülcan ÜNSAL

Doc. Stu.  Sezin AKÇAY ÖZER

Doc. Stu.  Derya TABAKÇILAR

Doc. Stu.  Dilek Özge YILMAZ

Doc. Stu.  Damla BUDANUR

Doc. Stu.  Elif Şeyda BİLGİN

Doc. Stu.  Feyza BAYRAK

Doc. Stu.  Sinem UZ

Doc. Stu.  Nilüfer AVCU

Doc. Stu.  Hazal ÖZCAN

Doc. Stu.  Özgecan Bakış ÇAYNAK

Doc. Stu.  Merve ÇAYIRCI

Doc. Stu.  Tuğçe GÜRCAN

Doc. Stu.  Duygu YILMAZ



Sec. Hülya SAĞLAM


Cansu KAYA

Nurse Necla KESKİN

Nurse Yeliz ÖZER

Nurse Arzu KÖSE



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