Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology


Patients’ first examinations who referred to Faculty of Dentistry are performed at Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Department.

First examinations are made in Oral Diagnosis Clinic. Patients must take appointment for examination by phone 1 day before the examination. Patients with appointment must registrate for examination. Patients who have a medically emergency situtation may take appointment at our hospital.In our clinic, systemic diseases are questioned for all of the patients. If radiologic imaging is nesessary, patients are oriantated to Radiology Clinic. If laboratory examination as biochemistry, microbiology, hematology is needed, patients are sent these departments. Clinical data, x-ray imaging and laboratory results are combined and patient’s treatment is arranged. If patients with appointment need medical treatment, they are oriantated medical departments.

Oral Diagnosis was constituted by Dr. Daniel Ziskin who is head of Clinical Research Laboratory and Authorized Education  Department in Columbia University in 1930. In our country, Oral Diagnosis class was given by Prof. Dr. Erdem Yakut in Hacettepe University Dentistry Faculty in 1963-64.

In our faculty,Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Department was constituted in 1995. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şükrü Şirin was the first Head of Department. In 2010, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Department was changed name by Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Department.


Undergraduate Program:

Second Class

Introduction to oral diagnosis

Interview and questioning

Anamnesis, Patient history, Dental anamnesis

Focal infection, focal infection sources

Examination techniques(inspection, palpation, aspiration, oscultation, percussion)

Extraoral examination

Vital signs

Examination of lymphatic system

Examination of Cranial nerves

Examination of systems

Intraoral examination and mucosal pigmentations

Halitosis and etiology

Laboratory findings and biopsy

Lesions of oral mucosa

Dental procedures for head and neck cancer patients

  1. Class

Systemic diseases and dentistry

Diabetes mellitus

Hepatitis A,B,C,D: AIDS and dentistry

Cardiovascular diseases

Blood diseases

Otoimmune diseases and dentistry

Neruological diseases

Emergencies in dentistry

Psychiatry and dentistry

Pain control in dentistry

Treatment planning in dentistry

Respiratory diseases

Sekeletal diseases

Chronic renal failure

  1. Class

History of radiology and ionizing radiation

Radiation physics


Radiation protection

Projection geometry

Radiology techniques in dentistry

Roentgen films, darkroom and film processing

Film processing and storage errors, artefacts


Panoramic radiography, sephalometric radiography, direct digital radiography and indirect digital radiography

Computerized tomography and dental volumetric tomography

Electromagnetic resonans imaging, ultrasonography, nucleer medicine

Implant radiology, TMJ imaging


Undergraduate students at 5. and 6. halfyears take training sessions for intraoral/extraoral radiography and film processing.

Undergraduate students at 7. and 8. Halfyears take training sessions for patient examination, interpretation for radiographs, treatment planning. 1 oral presantation for case report is mandatory in this training sessions.

Doctorate Program

Required Courses


Oral diagnosis-1

Oral diagnosis -2

Oral diagnosis-3

Oral diagnosis-4

Dentomaxillofacial Radiology-1

Dentomaxillofacial Radiology-2

Dentomaxillofacial Radiology-3

Dentomaxillofacial Radiology-4

Optional Courses:

Oral diagnosis discussions

Radiology discussions

Diagnosis for TMD-1

Diagnosis for TMD-2

TMJ radiology-1

TMJ radiology-2


Academic and Faculty Staff

Prof. Dr. İlknur ÖZCAN (Head of Department)

Dr. Taha Emre KÖSE

Post. Doc. Dr. Neslihan ŞENEL

Post. Doc. Dr. Gülfer ALTANKAYA

Post. Doc. Dr. Yusuf ERBAY

Doc. Stu. Beliz GÜRAY


Doc. Stu. Ayşe Sedef UYANIK

Sec. Sevinç AKTAŞ

Nurse. Nejla ŞENTÜRK

X-ray Tech. Nilgün SAZAK

X-ray Tech. Özgül DAYAKOĞLU

X-ray Tech. Nergiz ÇAĞLAR

X-ray Tech. Yeliz KARA

X-ray Tech. Mesude YAREN


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