The history of our faculty begins with the assignment of the Menemenli Mustafa Pasha mansion which was located in front of the Sultan Fountain, built in 1781 on behalf of Ahmet’s daughter Esma Sultan to the Pharmacist and Dentist, Tribe and Nursing Schools in 1909.

The first name of the school is “Darülfünunu Osmani Medical School Pharmacist and Dental and Tribe (Midwife) Schools”. Halit Şazi Bey was the first director of this dental school. He was appointed by the Senate of the Faculty of Medicine. The first academicians assigned to the dental school; Muallim Terziyen Efendi, Muallim Leon Efendi, Muallim Hüseyin Talat Bey and Muallim Hristo Yuvenidis Efendi. On October 28, 1909, the Dental School Teachers’ Senate was convened and the school’s first lecture program was held and it was decided to begin student enrollment.

During the period of Professor Server Hilmi’s administration, the school moved from the Menemenli Mustafa Pasha Mansion in Kadırga to the building in Beyazıt. This building in Beyazıt was formerly used as the Gendarmerie Department. The interior of the building was rebuilt, laboratories and clinics were added, many new materials were taken, and work conditions were improved with the recruitment of new assistants in 1925. In 1926 it was moved to the building where the “Beyazit State Library” is located (Figure 1).

Professor Server Hilmi Bey took the position of director between June 17, 1920 and April 1, 1930 and became the first “Director of Dental Medicine Schools” of the Republican Period. In the following years, the infrastructure of the faculty and modern academic staff has also been established.


With a law issued on 31 May 1933, Istanbul Darülfünun was abolished on August 1, 1933 and re-established as “Istanbul University” on 2 August 1933 and the staff of the Pharmacists and Dental Schools were separated from each other. The training period has been increased to 4 years and the name of the school has been changed to “Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, School of Dentistry”.

In 1948, it was decided to give a diploma of Dentistry Doctor (Dr. Med. Dent.) “Child Dental Service” was established in 1949 and “Periodontology Service” was established in 1956, depending on the “Dental Diseases and Treatment Department”. In 1953, “Orthodontics” and “Pediatric Dentistry” were accepted as specialist fields.
On July 11, 1964, the School of Dentistry was separated from the Faculty of Medicine and was transformed into the Faculty of Dentistry of Istanbul University and the duration of the training was increased to 5 years.

On January 31, 1969, a department of Basic Medical Sciences was established in addition to the clinical sciences department.

In 1965 the Faculty of Dentistry moved to the C block of the Faculty of Pharmacy and continued its activities until 1969 in this building. The Faculty of Dentistry moved to the current building in Çapa in 1970 (Figure 2).


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